Army regulation enlisted dating officer

In the case of Army National Guard or United States Army Reserve personnel, this prohibition does not apply to relationships that exist due to their civilian occupation or employment.

(2) Dating, shared living accommodations other than those directed by operational requirements, and intimate or sexual relationships between officers and enlisted personnel.

Some service members choose to have one member leave active duty, or go into the reserves, to moot the issue.

Check your service's regulations or inquire at the base legal assistance office for more information.

Why are you researching for them unless you are one of the parties lol Here is a link again. f=30&t=4770 Tell me, how would they be able to enroll in the Army Married Couples Program if they are in direct violation?? Now, after they are married there are no repercussions. It went straight to the Post Commanding General like wildfire. My chain of command recommended I be allowed to continue with my PCS and she be allowed ETS within a month.

I will still advise them to talk to their JAG on site, just to be sure. We never registered our marriage certificate and carried on as if we weren't married. I went to my commander and let him know everything. The CG sent it to JAG to see what he could do with it. So that whole once you're married, you're good, thing isn't right.

Next time provide links in your post as a credible reference as I did with mine. Why waste time researching when you can get the answer from an expert. Got it, they can "not" be dating if they do not want to have problems.They have been apart geographically for 4 months there relationship is stronger than ever. It is from an attorney who has extensive knowledge of Military Law: No service member can be prevented from marrying.There was a time when the service would use the marriage as proof that unlawful fraternization had occurred beforehand, but it is rare today.So, just as I said earlier there is no cut and dry answer to this problem. Her chain of command heard a rumor that she had married an officer. They tried to make it so but, it's impossible in this situation. As the old saying goes " you can't tell someone who they can or can't fall in love with " I can say this much with this new information the Army might be keeping two very dedicated Soldiers.

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