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After all, tennis stars are the individual who drive the sport's engagement.

The Post Game: Everything with Maria Sharapova is a big deal right now.

Occasionally he would throw a tennis ball somewhere LTg DP2 — andyroddick (@andyroddick) April 26, 2017 Hank also gets to hang with Serena, although, he does not exactly comprehend the greatness he has met. That's on her list of priorities for the day.' He doesn't know the magnitude of Serena right now, but I'm sure he'll be able to put that together one day and there's plenty of photos. Open champion is a spokesman for the brand's The Incredible Dog Challenge, a sort of Olympics for dogs.She's so sweet with kids and I'm just really happy for him." Roddick's 19-month-old, Hank, lives a pretty cool life.Roddick lives in Austin, and the week before The Masters, Hank ran about the court as Sergio Garcia's ballboy, while the future green jacket winner hit tennis balls.I absolutely believe that she would not have kept taking what she was taking had she realized it had been banned, and that's completely her mistake and she's said that much.I'm not sure how well she could have gone about it, but she's certainly served her penalty.

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