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A salient feature offered by this online RSS reader is the search bar where you can type keywords or enter an RSS feed URL.But it does more, for example, when you type Fossbytes in the search bar, it’ll show the post related to Fossbytes in a drop-down menu. Apart from the free version, Inoreader also offers several paid tiers with varying perks.Still, there is a scope of improvement as you can easily spot alignment issues.The Old Reader lets you connect Facebook and Google accounts to know what your friends are reading.You can choose between Starter, Plus, and Professional. With its compelling and intuitive user interface, Feeder is even easier to use than Feedly.

Sharing content on other platforms like Slack and Trello is a breeze.

Its job is to look in the RSS directory for the latest content submitted by the source a user has subscribed.

In this post, we are going to discuss some great online RSS readers that pack tons of features and remain in the good books of many people.

If you want, you can club multiple sources feeds under one collection to get their feeds together.

Feedly also lets you add mute filters to separate unwanted posts and follow specific keywords.

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