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Cosmetically, this B-15S is absolutely stunning with original smooth black tolex and blue/gray grillcloth that shines like few vintage amps do.

All of the original chrome hardware is gleaming, as is the faceplate, which retains all of its original black silkscreen text and the full compliment of knobs.

The original smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth is intact, and the original screw-in trolley is also present.

There is some staining on the grillcloth, and wear on the cabinet around the edges, but overall, this is a fine example and a gig-worthy amp, freshly retubed and ready to go with an extremely original circuit and stock speaker.

We cannot declare anything as a gift or for a lesser value.

The item “1978 Ampeg B-15S Vintage Fliptop Portaflex Tube Amplifier 1×15, V4″ is in sale since Tuesday, June 25, 2019.

The physical size of the cabinet and ported design adds extra low end fullness, and the stock horn has been disconnected to provide a more conventional and smooth EQ curve.

The vibrato (not tremolo like most amps), has a deep, warbling pulse with a swirling, leslie-like effect that is extremely lush.

The circuit is virtually untouched, and the cab retains the original black frame CTS square magnet ceramic speaker.

The reverb utilizes the original Accutronics two-spring tank, and curiously enough, is designed to only operate via a satellite cabinet, although the effect has been tested and sounds great.

The circuit is clean and stock, with only a few minor component substitutions to keep the amp operating within original factory spec.

The B-15N is one of the most recorded and highly regarded tube bass amp circuits of all time, and this classic four-input vintage model delivers the goods through the original heavy duty CTS 15 speaker.

Manufactured in the USA by Ampeg and recently serviced, the amp is powered by a pair of new and properly biased JJ 6L6 power tubes for a robust 30 watts of output.

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