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To discuss these challenges, I met with various Government Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

In the remainder of this statement, I outline the ways in which revenue could readily be raised if there was the political will, thus creating the relatively little fiscal space needed to transform Ghana’s current social protection approach and give it a good chance to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, of which the President has been a leading international advocate.

Spending on social protection is very low by the standards of most comparable African countries, and very little is spent on social assistance.

Ghana has many admirable programs, but no discernible plans for funding many of them adequately.

Today, it is set to become Africa’s fastest-growing economy in 2018. In addition, Ghana’s achievements in providing free schooling and free meals to students, and its creation of a health insurance scheme for the whole country are considerable achievements. The benefits of record levels of economic growth experienced over the past decade have gone overwhelmingly to the wealthy.

Inequality is higher than it has ever been in Ghana, while almost one-quarter of the population lives in poverty and one person in every twelve lives in extreme poverty.

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