Accomodating conflict in the film juno

Of the affairs of Carthage our information is less O extensive, and perhaps less accurate. Thoughts on the Educa- tion, Qualifications, and duties of the Physicians of the U. Eminent benefits conferred on the state, whether in a civil or military capacity, were sure passports to bronze or marble, to the praises of the orator, to history, or the canvass.

ments, are suffered to repose unnoticed in the grave. We perceive, then, no cause to believe, that in the nature of a republic, there is any tiling peculi- arly calculated, to render it either ungrateful or un- just to individuals, by whom its interests have been ably promoted. attached to it, the fact would constitute a weighty objection against the reputed advantages of that form of government, and render doubtful its preference to others. By the gratitude of Switzerland, Tell, for his ser- vices, was all but canonized; and his posterity dis- tinguished by the favours of the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES CALDWELL, C. This is true, in relation more especially to our sentiments of distinguished military men. Dazzled by the glitter of foreign countries, much of which is artificial and perishable, we are blind to the less ostentatious but more substantial merits of our own.

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