Access updating using linked tables

When I go through the process of Linking the Data Source(file) to a new table "Combined2" it shows the new field. I have tried to just create a new linked file and overwrite the table name "Combined" with the linked file but then it makes it so my queries no longer function that were linked to the "Combined" table. You can use the Linked Table Manager to re-establish the links from your linked tables when the backend database has been moved.This is to make sure that the database always has the latest connection information.To do this, create a new module and add the following routine: Public Function Ensure Tables Connected() As Boolean Dim db As DAO. Table Def Dim st Backend Db As String Dim st New Backend As String Dim st Not Updated As String Dim i Updated As Integer ' number of tables updated ' get the current database Set db = Current Db() The first thing we want to do is iterate through all the tables in the database so we'll begin a loop.

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We'll use this to display an error to the user later on.Tables in the front-end are linked to the back-end.To split the database in Access 2007, choose the Database Tools tab in the Ribbon and then click the Access Database button in the Move Data group. When deploying a solution where the database is split, you may need code that dynamically refreshes the linked tables in the front-end database.This was in preparation for using Microsoft Access as a front-end tool for a SQL Server 2005 database.Though Access can be considered a sub-par application by the relational database elitists, it can be a very capable alternative for querying data from SQL Server without the learning curve associated with Visual Studio.

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