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Wayne and Tamara Mitchell began the series nearly 15 years ago, allowing for a vast archive on everything from dating fundamentals to “Dealing With Exes.” The approach is professional without being too clinical, which makes for a well-balanced atmosphere. URL: Bragging Rights: making daters more dateable Hunt for Advice is the blog of Hunt Ethridge, the senior coach at New York Dating Coach.

Having consulted with hundreds of individuals and couples, his advice is centered around confidence building, image and style improvement and better conversation skills.

In the (nearly impossible) event that you read every user-submitted post, you can hop over to r/relationships (2.4 million members), r/relationship_advice (1.5 million members), or any of the other related subreddits.

Not only does The Ok Cupid Blog tackle the topic of modern dating through its posts, it frequently turns to its own users to substantiate its arguments.

Topics run the gamut from dating app tips to sex pointers, with Q&As occasionally thrown into the mix.

His team consists of many top speakers at dating conferences, which makes the site even more authoritative. Many great blogs follow their author’s learning curve, like the One Hundred Dates blog, where Evan Barden shares his “social experiment and personal quest” to chronicle a year-long marathon race toward better romance.

Social Clout: 162 followers URL: Bragging Rights: 1 year. Sharing as he learns, he fields questions and takes advice in order to break himself of being strictly a serial monogamist.

The posts address the barriers that stand between the male-female connection, with unbiased advice as to when to persist in a relationship—and when to call it quits.

Dating is where you can go for—you guessed it—advice on all things dating.

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