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The students who encouraged, motivated and supported others were the true leaders.

This, I believe, is imperative for students to understand.

I learnt that I am an asset and that my contribution to a firm will be valued.

I was lucky enough to receive employment offers after the announcement of being selected as Top 10 but I knew where I wanted to be.

Grad Star has taught me to appreciate my potential and has also encouraged me to aim higher.

I was always so desperate to secure employment before graduating, but Grad Star showed me that I am just as important as my future employer.

Someone saw the potential in me and that’s all I needed.

The Grad Star programme identifies you, based on your leadership qualities and readiness for the workplace, and I encourage all students to take full advantage of opportunities such as this, as they will get to network and be connected with top employers in their respective career fields.

The biggest difference Grad Star has made in my life, and the biggest lesson I learned throughout the duration of the competition, and even after it, is to never underestimate yourself, always do your best, and the results will show.

Kirsten Dempsey BCom Law Graduate (UP) Final Year LLB (UP) Before the announcement I was staring at the immense talent which surrounded me.

I doubted my chances of being recognised as one of the top ten and I was just grateful to have been selected as Top 100.

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