10 warning signs of dating abuse

For that reason, it is very important for parents to recognize the signs of teen dating violence and keep lines of communication open with their children when it comes to relationships and dating.

Share with your children the warning signs that a relationship may turn abusive.

The way dating violence is often portrayed in the media suggests acts of physical and sexual violence.

That’s one part of dating violence—but in dating and intimate partner relationships, sexual violence is often an escalated act that follows other acts of emotional or physical abuse. And it doesn’t look the same for every relationship,” said Brian Pinero, RAINN’s vice president of Victim Services.

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It just recognizes that dating violence usually involves a series of abusive behaviors over a course of time.Keep lines of communication open with your teen so that she can make decisions that will keep her healthy and safe.February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, but dating violence can happen across all age groups.7.) Uses force during an argument – A partner who uses bullying, physical intimidation or other forceful tactics during an argument may escalate to using physical violence.8.) Believes in rigid sex roles – Young man who potentially abuse may believe that masculinity means aggressiveness, and femininity means submissiveness.

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